About Kevin Keith

I have drafted articles for former prime ministers, former deputy prime ministers, former and serving MPs alongside various sport stars and celebrities.

I have talked heritage with author Bill Bryson, data and democracy with Sir Professor Nigel Shadbolt, thoughts and feelings with humanoid social robot, Nadine.

I worked on place-branding with former Joy Division manager Tony Wilson; design with ‘Sherlock’ creative Peter Anderson; media management with the Prince of Wales’ Press Secretary Patrick Harrison.

The book by Alastair Campbell for which I was researcher, contributor and publicist, became a #1 UK bestseller and was declared his ‘favourite leadership book of 2016’ by Richard Branson.

The ‘smart week’ I created to explore urban innovation was Australia’s first; the open data challenge I helped lead was the southern hemisphere’s largest; the business-led network I developed transformed the UK’s most deprived area into officially its ‘most enterprising’ and was nominated for a European Enterprise Promotion Award by the UK government.

My opinion has been published in newspapers from The Guardian to the Sydney Morning Herald and I have gained front-page and prime time exposure for the opinions of others.

I presented to students from Australian National University on leadership, purpose and human-centric design and worked with government departments, including: the Australian Bureau of Statistics to engage citizens on census results using open data; designing and facilitating multiple sessions to build trust between the Department of Defence, consultants and contractors working on multi-billion-dollar infrastructure projects.

I have worked on some of the most challenging urban renewal and community issues, presenting nationally in the UK on engagement in the planning process and countering myths and radical extremism, and in Australia on infrastructure, future cities, data, democracy and the development of trust.

I am passionate about helping people make places better. About equality and inclusivity, technology and data. About democracy, the development of trust and empowering young people.

Drop me a line if you are too.

You can find out more about me here: au.linkedin.com/in/kevkeith/

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