About Kev Keith

I have talked heritage with author Bill Bryson, teamwork with rugby league star Jonathan Thurston, and politics with Olympian Nova Peris. I have worked on place-branding with former Joy Division manager Tony Wilson; design with ‘Sherlock’ creative Peter Anderson; media management with the Prince of Wales’ Press Secretary Patrick Harrison.

The business-led network I developed transformed one of the UK’s most deprived areas into officially its ‘most enterprising’. The book by Alastair Campbell, for which I was researcher and publicist, became a #1 UK bestseller and was declared his favourite leadership book of 2016 by Richard Branson.

I have worked on some of the most challenging urban renewal and community issues; created events to engage school children and young people in democracy; presented nationally in the UK on engagement in the planning process, countering myths and radical extremism, and played leading roles in RIBA and RTPI award-winning planning and architecture teams.

When seconded to manage media operations for two teams parading their promotion to the English Premier League, I worked across agencies, managed teams from global media outlets, whilst communicating to tens of thousands of fans in real-time. I was one of only two young people selected from the UK to attend the European Federation of Youth Service Organisations conference in Budapest to talk media and conflict.

I have presented to audiences of 3000+ and in China I taught 1000 children a week. I continue to learn Chinese, have been interviewed for television and radio numerous times, and published in national newspapers on urban policy in both Australia and the UK.

I am passionate about helping people make places better, driven by progress, innovation, equality, democracy and getting more young voices heard on issues affecting their future.

Drop me a line if you are too.

You can find out more about me here: au.linkedin.com/in/kevkeith/

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