Australia ‘full of winners’: Alastair Campbell.

WINNERS  Front CoverWhat do Shane Warne and Anna Wintour have in common? What do Leigh Matthews and Angela Merkel share? How could Johnathan Thurston and Richard Branson be in the same team?

A book comparing the world’s best in sport, business and politics, by former 10 Downing Street Director of Communications and best-selling author Alastair Campbell, will single out Australia for praise when it is published on the 22nd February by Penguin Random House UK.

Shane Warne, Leigh Matthews, Layne Beachley, Johnathan Thurston, are just some of the contributors to Winners: And How they Succeed, which features a chapter on the stand-out traits that take the ‘green and gold’ to the top spot of the podium.

Alastair Campbell said: “I was once asked where my fighting spirit came from and replied instinctively that I felt half Australian. Through convict culture and class rejection, Gallipoli and post-war political autonomy, Australians have forged an identity based on attributes so often associated with success: endurance, courage, mateship, competitiveness. As a result it is full of winners and is a standout nation, particularly when it comes to sport.”

Split into four sections and written in Campbell’s incisive style, Winners: And How They Succeed covers: strategy, leadership and teamship; mindset and visualisation; boldness, innovation and data; resilience and crisis management.

The book also contains original contributions from Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Arianna Huffington, Anna Wintour, Jose Mourinho, Richard Branson, Jimmy Wales, Sir Alex Ferguson, Mercedes F1 team, and the Australian Institute of Sport.

“I have always felt politics could learn from sport. So can business,” added Campbell. “All three have things they can learn from each other. But politics has most to learn from the best of elite sport and the best of business.”

Trade Paperback and Ebook editions of Winners: And How They Succeed will be available in Australia from March 1st with an audiobook currently in production.

For more information on purchasing the book visit Random House Australia by clicking here: or if you are a journalist seeking more information or an interview with Alastair, drop me an email [] or call 0420 901276

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